Yard Guard Mosquito & Tick Program

Servicing the Laurel, Columbia & Baltimore, MD & Washington, D.C. areas

If I told you I could come out to your home and spray some magical dust in the air and make mosquitoes go away it be a bold face lie.
In fact, We are integrated pest managers, we look for solutions not to spray anything unless necessary.

Our program we offer is done thru preventions that help get these pest away.

Step one: inspect and identify reasons you may have mosquitoes power spray pockets of Resistance wow I was at

Step two: place pheromone bait traps , front and rear

$27 per trap , our pest manager will decide how many will be needed

Step 3: treat the yard with non- chemical granules made out of corn-oil, spearmint and citronella. This will help keep these pest out of
your yard

Step 4: treat all pockets of resistant , still water and bushes and debris

Step 5: repeat monthly until October ($65 monthly)

Initial set up $125. Give us a call at 855-903-2847 today to learn more about our yard guard protection in Laurel, Columbia & Baltimore, MD & Washington, D.C..