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We offer professional fly control services for businesses & residential properties

Flies eat just about anything, from food to feces, and spread germs easily. If these insects are buzzing around your workplace, reach out to Destroy Pest Control for fly control services. As your local fly exterminator, you can rely on us to locate the source of the infestation, treat the infested area and prevent future pest problems.

If you're interested in scheduling monthly maintenance, check out our Maintenance Plans page. You can also reach out to a commercial pest exterminator by calling (855) 903-2847 now.

Discover the problems with having flies on your property

Wondering why you should get fly control services in the Baltimore, MD & Washington DC Areas immediately? For starters, flies are:

  1. Unsanitary – they are known to spread diseases like typhoid fever, salmonella and tuberculosis.
  2. Irritating – customers and employees alike will hate having to swat at flies buzzing around constantly.
  3. Quick to reproduce – they can lay over 500 eggs within a week and a half, escalating your infestation problem.

Don't wait for the problem to get worse – contact our fly exterminator today to remove the pests quickly.