Fighting Off Fleas?

Destroy Pest Control will remove fleas from your property completely in the Baltimore, MD & Washington DC Areas

Are you battling fleas in your house or place of business? Destroy Pest Control can get rid of the tiny invaders. After more than 38 years in pest control, we have the flea control skills to make your property flea free. Hire us right away to remove fleas from your space in the Baltimore, MD & Washington DC Areas.

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What should you know about fleas?

What should you know about fleas?

You already know invading fleas are tiny, irritating and difficult to eradicate without a flea exterminator. You can consult a professional from our crew to get the details on these insects and their removal.

You should know that fleas:

  • Enter buildings by riding human or animal hosts
  • Survive by biting people and animals to consume blood
  • Can cause allergic reactions when they bite

Many people and animals react to flea bites with itching or rashes, but some have more severe reactions that can be dangerous. Protect yourself and your pets from this health risk by calling (855) 903-2847 to schedule flea control services now.