What's bugging you?

Destroy Pest Control is an independent pest control company designed to perform hands- on quality service helping customers avoid structural and property damage thru natural and applied controls. By carefully planning and taking into consideration the details necessary before starting a pesticide application. We will come out a do a free detailed inspection and draw up an IPM plan that best suits you and your property.

Our CEO Thomas Murray had spent over 20 years honing innovative pest control techniques for other pest control companies and decided enough was enough and started his own customer friendly company. After witnessing the mistakes, over charged prices and non-professionalism, he decided to build a company that understands the importance of providing detailed guidance to customers about federal and state laws and regulation and knows how to communicate with customers and explain realistic expectations of pesticide applications.

We treat our customers like family and are willing to do whatever it takes to rid them of unwanted pest. Even if it takes getting up out the bed on a Sunday morning, We are available 24 hours 7 days of the week to service your pest problems. Give us a call at 855-903-2847 to get started.

Components of our IPM Plan design for you

  1. Identify the pest and understand it's biology
  2. Monitor the pest to be managed
  3. Develop the pest management goal
  4. Implement the integrated pest management program
  5. Record and evaluate results