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Destroy Pest Control is an intergraded pest management team in the study of ​​Evaluating, Eliminating and Extracting (the 3 E's) pest from in and around your home or your commercial business. Most pest control companies are pressured into using chemical control tactics as a way of getting rid pest without first evaluating the safety risk of using invasive chemicals. Our company prefers to come up with ways of pest control that are safe to you, the environment and other non-target pests. We call this an Integrated Pest Management plan which involves a systematic approach of reasonable methods to avoid pest thru a balanced use of cultural, mechanical, biological and proper chemical procedures.  ​​​​

The name​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Destroy Pest Control simply means to eliminate and extract all pest problems. Our pest specialists are trained to eliminate pest altogether. We like to work with customers to figure out natural and physical modification as well as exclusion, sanitation and landscaping tips to help make a permanent solution that helps avoid long costly drawn out contracts and endless amounts of warranty calls. There is a rumor going around in the pest control business saying that managers tell their employees to always leave one bug behind. We strive to be different by using cost efficient ways to get rid of the problem as fast as possible. A referral is good enough for us. Our company's reputation was built on good quality service   
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 We offer free inspection and look for: signs of pest damage, the presence of pest life needs, routes of pest access to needs, locate areas of pest activity, identify pest species and make a cost efficient affordable estimate to keep in case you do decide to use our service
  1. Intergrated Pest Mangement
    Intergrated Pest Mangement
    Our pest specialists will come out and develop a IPM plan for your pest problem for free. An Intergrated Pest Mangement Plan consist of inspecting and studying the mechanical , cultural , physical and biological part of the pest problem before using any chemical control.
  2. ECO Friendly
    ECO Friendly
    All of our pest specialists are certified under the Maryland Department of Agriculture and trained weekly on environmental regulations. The label is the law and we practice using the safe and adequate ways to apply pesticides if needed
  3. Quality Service Guaranteed
    Quality Service Guaranteed
    It's not easy killing bugs and rodents especially by the time we get call out it's usually a CSI crime scene. But we will guarantee to stick around until all those unwanted pest are no longer a problem and you don't have to continue to pays us for warranty calls. We will stay committed until the problem is gone
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  2. #1 Rodent control
  3. #1 Ant control
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